JG Zuma man of extremes


Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma the RSA president from 2009 after the bruising battle with Thabo Mbeki at Polokwane is the man of extremes. You other hate him with passion or love him with passion. To his voters the ordinary African people he is the embodiment of survival against all odds. He showed the whole world that even without formal education you can be a success in life and you can rise above those who call themselves intellectuals.

To the Whites he courts so much hatret that they really can’t understand ANC voters. They see a real monster in two legs. They are driven by jealousy and can’t comprehend how he manages to rule them with his level of education. Even the ‘Coconuts’ (Whites in black skins) do not know what really hit them. Now they have resorted to smear campaigns in newspapers, radios, tv’s and books. They forget one thing that JZ’s voters don’t waste time reading books written by racist whites because they either can’t afford it or simply have no time to open their minds to the brainwashing that flies around in media. The racist whites and coconuts do not trust a black man to rule the country well, so they spend most of their time looking and writting about flaws and forget all the good that the ANC government have done.

They have that misconception that by mudying the president everyday…the people will stop voting for the ruling party. They are not aware that their efforts do the exact opposite to the ordinary people, who can see through their fake concerns and smiles.

The elections are coming next year (2014) and the ANC will win with major majority this time because the president of the ANC is down to earth and is able to laugh, sing and dance with the people, also the government have made drastic changes to the poor majority. Many houses have been built, and many others have running water and electricity. It is true that there are no enough jobs but a lot of people get child support grants, old age and disability grants and some of the poorest get food parcels.

So people please leave Zuma alone his people love him qha!


Vavi’s Downfall


The End of Cde Vavi at Cosatu

I am writing this with sadness after observing the the developments in Cde Zwelinzima Vavi the General Secretary of Cosatu’s case. It is one of those cases a person can be exonerated by a miracle, taking into consideration his position in Cosatu and standing in Civil Society Organisations. Cde Vavi was the embodiment of a galant freedom fighter especially in the labour unions, e-tolls and corruption. Unfortunately his carelessness brought about his own iminent downfall. It is said that you should never throw stones if you live in a glas house. Vavi had become a thorn in the neck to the ANC government and he was a source of embarasment to Cosatu and Sacp who are in a tripartite alliance with the ANC. It was no big issue when opposition parties were criticising the ANC government, but it became very awkward when the face of Cosatu in the person of Vavi joined in criticising the government.


Cde Zwelinzima Vavi was too honest which led to the current situation. When the rape allegations surfaced in July he rushed to defend himself and admitted to having had sex with a married surbodinate in her office during working hours and apologised. That was the ammunition his detractors needed and it was also a good opportunity to get rid of him. He was very careless takint into consideration his position and the position of Cosatu as a defender of worker’s rights. It was also made was by the position of the victim because she is a surbodinate and was hired by Vavi personally to work at Cosatu after meeting her at OR Tambo Airport. His admission, his position and the position of the lady made the case even more complicated for him. It became clear that he used his position to hire the woman in return for sexual favours which is totally in conflict with Labour Relation’s act and ethics of Cosatu as a Union. He should have known, but no he let off his guard because of lust.
Many prominent politicians have been destroyed by sex scandals. The woman and her husband saw an opportunity to make a quick buck of which he cried foul which made this scandal to come out and his gradual downward fall started.

His Blunders

1. He personally hired the woman and expected sex in payment.
2. Had sex with the woman at company premises in company time.
3. Admitted that he did actually had consentual sex with her knowing very well that she was married.
4. Brought Cosatu into disrepute by his action since Cosatu is fighting for worker’s rights.

All these above are against the labour law and ethics. Now the case is not about rape or whether he had consentual sex or what, but it is about misconduct and bringing Cosatu into disrepute.
By his own admission he will be found guilty and there are very little chances he will come out uncanthed. If I was him I would jump before being humiliated by getting fired.
He have only himself to blame.

Dear Cde Vavi


The Open Letter

I have been following the past development in your carear with interested sadness. You have been my hero for many years, you have fought for the rights of workers very galantly, you also helped to save Prez Zuma when he was under attack. We ordinary workers looked up to you in everything but now you have deeply dissapointed us by your own stupid carelessness. What went on in your head when you enjoyed that 4 minutes illicccit sexual pleasure with your surbodinate employee who is young enough to be your daughter? Have you not learnet in your time in the labour union that many a great leaders have falled from grace through sex. Have you never read the bible about Adam and Samson who were brought to their knees by women?

In all the years you have been a leader of Cosatu you were the hope of many workers who were disenfranchised…why…why did you allow lust to be your fall factor. I do not say you have fallen, but even if you can come back you will never be as strong as you were in the eyes of ordinary workers. You saw what nearly happened to Prez Zuma when that child threw herself to him. Why then did you fail to be cautious?

I do not hate you but you have been your own worst enemy. It is admirable that you accepted your wrong doing, but the damage have already been done.
Hang in there dear Cde I know that you can will survive this but not without any dent in your personality.

Enjoy your little holiday and come back stronger than ever before. You will go down in history as the best embidiment of the worker’s struggles.

Zim Elections 2013


Zimbabwe had its presidential elections on the 31st July 2013 these elections were legitimised by participartion of all opposition parties inspite of anticipated irregularities and they have been declared free and fair by SADC, ZEC and many African observers while USA, Europe and Australia feel they were not free and fair, it is a known fact that they are supporters of MDC-T so it is not surprising that if MDC doidn’t win the elections were not free and fair to them as their dream is to recolonise Afrika.

Here are the results:
– Zanu-PF 2 110 434 (61.09pc) 160 seats;
– MDC-T 1 173 349 (33.94pc) 49 seats;
– MDC-N 92 637 (2.68pc)
– ZAPU 25 416 (0.74pc)
– ZDP 9 931 (0.29pc)
– Other 10 got only 210 vote
– Spoiled ballots 69 280

These results show that the Zim people vote on tribal lines, although MDC is led by a Shona majority of its supportes are Matebele who are minority while Zanu-pf has mostly Shona supporters who are the majority.
Another thing which compound the Zim problem is the 3M Zims who are in RSA, out of these only 1M went to their country to vote. RSA need to look at deporting these people to sort out the mess in their country because while they are comfortable here their country is going down the drain.

Aparthed Longterm Damage


The long term damage done by apartheid is immesurable toward the black people of South Afrika. Someone will say we have been under democratic rule for the past 19 years why are we complaining. Others will make examples of people who have prospered against all odds and those who have benefited through BEE and tenders and tell the native South Africans that they must stop complaining because their own government have messed up the country big time. I Stanley Mondle Mpikiswano Mbatha born in a rural village of Dukuza, Emangwaneni near Berville Okhahlamba Kwazulu-natal beg to differ. Apartheid have messed the life of a native big time in a period of 400 years in such a way that it is hard to erase that damage in a space of 19 years.
Following are examples of what the white race who claim to be christians have done to us.

1. Land dispossesion

When Jan Van Riebeeck and his team arrived in 1652 they had no land, livestock and wives. They just landed and took possession of the land in the Cape without asking the indigenous people for permission. They bartered livestock with pieces of useless trinkets. Where they faced resistance they took livestock with the barrel of a gun because the Natives did not possess sophisticated weapons.

2. Rape and Slavery

Most of the white people who settled in the Cape had no wives or women, only Van Riebeeck and less than a dozen had wives. They then resorted to raping the local women and took them as their concubines and slaves. The natives worked long hours for these immigrants and were also subjected to cruel .sexual abuse and experiments. These forced unions produced the so-called Coloured race which is now infested with drugs and gangsterism especially in the Cape Flats.

3. Religion and Culture

When the Europeans arrived they found Africans practising their own religion, arts and culture…the invaders introduced their Christian religion which duped the Africans that they have better life in heaven so they must concern themselves with that heavinly life and forget about the earthly life because a man with horns, tail and a fork rules, while the Africans looked up in heaven, the whites took possesion of the land and everything in it.
Today most of the black people are brainwashed they accept every bad thing as God’s will. Due to everything that was taken away from us, we were forced to depend on a white man’s mineS, factories and farms for survival.
Today most of our people live in informal settlements and townships while the majority of whites live in cities and surburbs.

4. Education and Training

The White Government introduced Inferior education system to the Africans and reserved technical training for whites while the blacks were given the education that will only equip them to be better servants. This process took many years it cannot be undone in a matter Of 19 years.

Apartheid was the worst crime against humanity by people who called themselves civilised and christian.

Does it make sense


To me it doesn’t make sense when public servants don’t use public facilities. I agree that it would be taking away the constitutional right of freedom of choice if they are forced to use public facilities…but what is the use of having public facilities if their own custodians shun them? Are public facilities ony good for the poor memberers of the society? What about equality of the people? How can we be sure that public facilities like schools, hospitals and clinics are good when their very own custodians shun them? The glaring example is Dr Nelson Mandela, he is sick now (8 July 2013) and he is treated at a privat hospital in Pretoria. Why is he not in military 1 hospital or any public hospital? Is he more important or the public hospital are in a bad state in such a way that our hero the first president of a democratic South Africa cannot get excellent treatment? It really doesn’t make sense to me.

Our teachers who are members of Sadtu take their children to private schools, not the public schools they teach in. They go on strike at a drop of a hat and in the proccess destroy the future of poor black children, while their children enjoy better and uninterrupted education at private institutions. How can we have fait in public institutions when the very people who work there don’t have faith in their own facilities? Are they telling us that these institutions are no good, and they only work there not to serve the public but to rake in money at the expense of their fellow beings? To me it doesn’t make sense.

I believe that a law should be passed which will require all public servants to utilise public facilities they are employed in, so that they will make sure that the said facilities deliver first class service to the people. As a human being, it doesn’t make sense to build a house not strong enough so that whe storms come you abandon your house and run to the neighbours house for safety…why did you build it in the first place if it is not good enough for you?

I believe in mixed economy, where public facilities co-exist side by side with private facilities but public servant should not shun their own facilities and run helter scatter to private schools, hospitals etc while they rake in money for their upkeep from public facilities. They should set an example and utilise public facilities which they are custodians of.
Aikhona Ningadlali Ngathi!

It serves them right


The Mangaung conference of the ANC of RSA came and went. There were losers and winners. It serves the Forces of Change right what happened they have now graduated to the dustbin of political history.
Let us check their blunders:
1. Malema announces that the ANCYL wants Zuma out in favour of Motlanthe.
(a) Motlanthe simply does nothing to reprimand him.
2. Malema is expelled as ANCYL president and member of ANC.
(a) Motlanthe is heard saying it was wrong but he was the leader of the NEC which established the NDC.
3. Malema insults Zuma calling him an illeterate like his Nkandla people and that Zuma wants to Zulufy ANC.
(a) Motlanthe, Sexwale, Phosa and Mbalula does nothing instead they say Malema should be reinstated.
4. Malema in court and when interviewed says Zuma plans to assasinate him.
(a) Siphiwe Nyanda says Zuma is a dictator in an NEC meeting and says Julias must be reinstated. Nyanda was supported by Tokyo, Phosa, Modise, Yengeni, Mbalula and some who are perceived as belonging to ABZ or FOC groups.
5. ANCWL, MKMVA, EC, KZN, FS, NW, MP, NC, Cosatu and Sacp endorse Zuma as president while ANCYL,
GP, LP and WC endorse ABZ/FOC group’s Motlanthe.
(a) Motlathe inspite of seeing what the branches and 2/3 of the leagues go for Zuma decides to stand against him hoping for a miracle.

The conference has come and gone most members of the ABZ/FOC group have been left out of the ANC NEC. I say it serves them right because they failed to discipline Malema and his cronies intead they encouraged them. This put Motlanthe in the same league as these undisciplined hooligans. They underestimated Msholozi and African Ubuntu. In Ubuntu respect of elders rules supreme once you don’t respect or support hooligans you also will be treated like them. Tokyo, Mbalula, Phosa, Motlanthe, Modise and others are now out in the cold for supporting an undisciplined loser.
It serves them right.