Aparthed Longterm Damage

The long term damage done by apartheid is immesurable toward the black people of South Afrika. Someone will say we have been under democratic rule for the past 19 years why are we complaining. Others will make examples of people who have prospered against all odds and those who have benefited through BEE and tenders and tell the native South Africans that they must stop complaining because their own government have messed up the country big time. I Stanley Mondle Mpikiswano Mbatha born in a rural village of Dukuza, Emangwaneni near Berville Okhahlamba Kwazulu-natal beg to differ. Apartheid have messed the life of a native big time in a period of 400 years in such a way that it is hard to erase that damage in a space of 19 years.
Following are examples of what the white race who claim to be christians have done to us.

1. Land dispossesion

When Jan Van Riebeeck and his team arrived in 1652 they had no land, livestock and wives. They just landed and took possession of the land in the Cape without asking the indigenous people for permission. They bartered livestock with pieces of useless trinkets. Where they faced resistance they took livestock with the barrel of a gun because the Natives did not possess sophisticated weapons.

2. Rape and Slavery

Most of the white people who settled in the Cape had no wives or women, only Van Riebeeck and less than a dozen had wives. They then resorted to raping the local women and took them as their concubines and slaves. The natives worked long hours for these immigrants and were also subjected to cruel .sexual abuse and experiments. These forced unions produced the so-called Coloured race which is now infested with drugs and gangsterism especially in the Cape Flats.

3. Religion and Culture

When the Europeans arrived they found Africans practising their own religion, arts and culture…the invaders introduced their Christian religion which duped the Africans that they have better life in heaven so they must concern themselves with that heavinly life and forget about the earthly life because a man with horns, tail and a fork rules, while the Africans looked up in heaven, the whites took possesion of the land and everything in it.
Today most of the black people are brainwashed they accept every bad thing as God’s will. Due to everything that was taken away from us, we were forced to depend on a white man’s mineS, factories and farms for survival.
Today most of our people live in informal settlements and townships while the majority of whites live in cities and surburbs.

4. Education and Training

The White Government introduced Inferior education system to the Africans and reserved technical training for whites while the blacks were given the education that will only equip them to be better servants. This process took many years it cannot be undone in a matter Of 19 years.

Apartheid was the worst crime against humanity by people who called themselves civilised and christian.


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