Does it make sense

To me it doesn’t make sense when public servants don’t use public facilities. I agree that it would be taking away the constitutional right of freedom of choice if they are forced to use public facilities…but what is the use of having public facilities if their own custodians shun them? Are public facilities ony good for the poor memberers of the society? What about equality of the people? How can we be sure that public facilities like schools, hospitals and clinics are good when their very own custodians shun them? The glaring example is Dr Nelson Mandela, he is sick now (8 July 2013) and he is treated at a privat hospital in Pretoria. Why is he not in military 1 hospital or any public hospital? Is he more important or the public hospital are in a bad state in such a way that our hero the first president of a democratic South Africa cannot get excellent treatment? It really doesn’t make sense to me.

Our teachers who are members of Sadtu take their children to private schools, not the public schools they teach in. They go on strike at a drop of a hat and in the proccess destroy the future of poor black children, while their children enjoy better and uninterrupted education at private institutions. How can we have fait in public institutions when the very people who work there don’t have faith in their own facilities? Are they telling us that these institutions are no good, and they only work there not to serve the public but to rake in money at the expense of their fellow beings? To me it doesn’t make sense.

I believe that a law should be passed which will require all public servants to utilise public facilities they are employed in, so that they will make sure that the said facilities deliver first class service to the people. As a human being, it doesn’t make sense to build a house not strong enough so that whe storms come you abandon your house and run to the neighbours house for safety…why did you build it in the first place if it is not good enough for you?

I believe in mixed economy, where public facilities co-exist side by side with private facilities but public servant should not shun their own facilities and run helter scatter to private schools, hospitals etc while they rake in money for their upkeep from public facilities. They should set an example and utilise public facilities which they are custodians of.
Aikhona Ningadlali Ngathi!


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