Vavi’s Downfall

The End of Cde Vavi at Cosatu

I am writing this with sadness after observing the the developments in Cde Zwelinzima Vavi the General Secretary of Cosatu’s case. It is one of those cases a person can be exonerated by a miracle, taking into consideration his position in Cosatu and standing in Civil Society Organisations. Cde Vavi was the embodiment of a galant freedom fighter especially in the labour unions, e-tolls and corruption. Unfortunately his carelessness brought about his own iminent downfall. It is said that you should never throw stones if you live in a glas house. Vavi had become a thorn in the neck to the ANC government and he was a source of embarasment to Cosatu and Sacp who are in a tripartite alliance with the ANC. It was no big issue when opposition parties were criticising the ANC government, but it became very awkward when the face of Cosatu in the person of Vavi joined in criticising the government.


Cde Zwelinzima Vavi was too honest which led to the current situation. When the rape allegations surfaced in July he rushed to defend himself and admitted to having had sex with a married surbodinate in her office during working hours and apologised. That was the ammunition his detractors needed and it was also a good opportunity to get rid of him. He was very careless takint into consideration his position and the position of Cosatu as a defender of worker’s rights. It was also made was by the position of the victim because she is a surbodinate and was hired by Vavi personally to work at Cosatu after meeting her at OR Tambo Airport. His admission, his position and the position of the lady made the case even more complicated for him. It became clear that he used his position to hire the woman in return for sexual favours which is totally in conflict with Labour Relation’s act and ethics of Cosatu as a Union. He should have known, but no he let off his guard because of lust.
Many prominent politicians have been destroyed by sex scandals. The woman and her husband saw an opportunity to make a quick buck of which he cried foul which made this scandal to come out and his gradual downward fall started.

His Blunders

1. He personally hired the woman and expected sex in payment.
2. Had sex with the woman at company premises in company time.
3. Admitted that he did actually had consentual sex with her knowing very well that she was married.
4. Brought Cosatu into disrepute by his action since Cosatu is fighting for worker’s rights.

All these above are against the labour law and ethics. Now the case is not about rape or whether he had consentual sex or what, but it is about misconduct and bringing Cosatu into disrepute.
By his own admission he will be found guilty and there are very little chances he will come out uncanthed. If I was him I would jump before being humiliated by getting fired.
He have only himself to blame.


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