It serves them right

The Mangaung conference of the ANC of RSA came and went. There were losers and winners. It serves the Forces of Change right what happened they have now graduated to the dustbin of political history.
Let us check their blunders:
1. Malema announces that the ANCYL wants Zuma out in favour of Motlanthe.
(a) Motlanthe simply does nothing to reprimand him.
2. Malema is expelled as ANCYL president and member of ANC.
(a) Motlanthe is heard saying it was wrong but he was the leader of the NEC which established the NDC.
3. Malema insults Zuma calling him an illeterate like his Nkandla people and that Zuma wants to Zulufy ANC.
(a) Motlanthe, Sexwale, Phosa and Mbalula does nothing instead they say Malema should be reinstated.
4. Malema in court and when interviewed says Zuma plans to assasinate him.
(a) Siphiwe Nyanda says Zuma is a dictator in an NEC meeting and says Julias must be reinstated. Nyanda was supported by Tokyo, Phosa, Modise, Yengeni, Mbalula and some who are perceived as belonging to ABZ or FOC groups.
5. ANCWL, MKMVA, EC, KZN, FS, NW, MP, NC, Cosatu and Sacp endorse Zuma as president while ANCYL,
GP, LP and WC endorse ABZ/FOC group’s Motlanthe.
(a) Motlathe inspite of seeing what the branches and 2/3 of the leagues go for Zuma decides to stand against him hoping for a miracle.

The conference has come and gone most members of the ABZ/FOC group have been left out of the ANC NEC. I say it serves them right because they failed to discipline Malema and his cronies intead they encouraged them. This put Motlanthe in the same league as these undisciplined hooligans. They underestimated Msholozi and African Ubuntu. In Ubuntu respect of elders rules supreme once you don’t respect or support hooligans you also will be treated like them. Tokyo, Mbalula, Phosa, Motlanthe, Modise and others are now out in the cold for supporting an undisciplined loser.
It serves them right.


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