This is superb story about the African Heritage it is my pleasure to sharw with you.


There are certain individuals in human history who emerge possessing extra-ordinary talents of mind and spirit, which enable them to solve extra-ordinary crises facing society at the time. In folklore, these supremely gifted individuals appear to be sent by the Almighty, or by Almighty Forces, to save the people and society from destruction and lead them in an altogether new direction. For England, such was Winston Churchill in 1940. For Southern Africa, such was King Shaka.

There is documented evidence that a decision was made by the English colonialists in the 19th century to implement a policy of vilification of Zulu Kings, beginning with Shaka; to portray them as devilish, beastly and murderous, in order to mobilize support in British ruling circles for a policy intent upon destroying the Zulu Kingdom. This policy was very successful in falsifying the history and personality of Zulu Kings in the minds of…

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