Zim Elections 2013

Zimbabwe had its presidential elections on the 31st July 2013 these elections were legitimised by participartion of all opposition parties inspite of anticipated irregularities and they have been declared free and fair by SADC, ZEC and many African observers while USA, Europe and Australia feel they were not free and fair, it is a known fact that they are supporters of MDC-T so it is not surprising that if MDC doidn’t win the elections were not free and fair to them as their dream is to recolonise Afrika.

Here are the results:
– Zanu-PF 2 110 434 (61.09pc) 160 seats;
– MDC-T 1 173 349 (33.94pc) 49 seats;
– MDC-N 92 637 (2.68pc)
– ZAPU 25 416 (0.74pc)
– ZDP 9 931 (0.29pc)
– Other 10 got only 210 vote
– Spoiled ballots 69 280

These results show that the Zim people vote on tribal lines, although MDC is led by a Shona majority of its supportes are Matebele who are minority while Zanu-pf has mostly Shona supporters who are the majority.
Another thing which compound the Zim problem is the 3M Zims who are in RSA, out of these only 1M went to their country to vote. RSA need to look at deporting these people to sort out the mess in their country because while they are comfortable here their country is going down the drain.


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