JG Zuma man of extremes

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma the RSA president from 2009 after the bruising battle with Thabo Mbeki at Polokwane is the man of extremes. You other hate him with passion or love him with passion. To his voters the ordinary African people he is the embodiment of survival against all odds. He showed the whole world that even without formal education you can be a success in life and you can rise above those who call themselves intellectuals.

To the Whites he courts so much hatret that they really can’t understand ANC voters. They see a real monster in two legs. They are driven by jealousy and can’t comprehend how he manages to rule them with his level of education. Even the ‘Coconuts’ (Whites in black skins) do not know what really hit them. Now they have resorted to smear campaigns in newspapers, radios, tv’s and books. They forget one thing that JZ’s voters don’t waste time reading books written by racist whites because they either can’t afford it or simply have no time to open their minds to the brainwashing that flies around in media. The racist whites and coconuts do not trust a black man to rule the country well, so they spend most of their time looking and writting about flaws and forget all the good that the ANC government have done.

They have that misconception that by mudying the president everyday…the people will stop voting for the ruling party. They are not aware that their efforts do the exact opposite to the ordinary people, who can see through their fake concerns and smiles.

The elections are coming next year (2014) and the ANC will win with major majority this time because the president of the ANC is down to earth and is able to laugh, sing and dance with the people, also the government have made drastic changes to the poor majority. Many houses have been built, and many others have running water and electricity. It is true that there are no enough jobs but a lot of people get child support grants, old age and disability grants and some of the poorest get food parcels.

So people please leave Zuma alone his people love him qha!


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