The Manifesto of The Free Society

stanley mbatha
by Stanley Mondle Mbatha

We the Free Society of South Africa acknowledges that the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa is the most fair and progressive in the world. We subscribe to the Ideology of Societism, where we promote the well being of the community without sacrificing the significance of the individual. We represent the interests of the Civil Society… That the corroborative synergy is the only tool that can elevate the individual in society to improve overall community goals.
We support the general concept of Political Freedom.. Freedom of Speech.. Freedom of Association.. Freedom of Religion.. Freedom of Thought.. Right to own Property.. Right to Employment.. The Right to own Businesses and the Rule of Law. As a Revolutionary Social Movement we dedicate ourselves to the common good of society.. Practice Civil Virtues of Wisdom.. Courage.. Moderation and Justice. Free Society where people enjoy benefits of the State.. Democracy.. Free to choose.. Criticise.. Praise.. Elect and Remove under performing leaders. We shall always fight for the common needs of the Community.
We therefore declare the following:

Full employment can be maintained in a Free Society.. Where there is work to do and People to do it.. Unemployment is an untolerable waste of Human Resources and it imperils healthy family life basis of the nations greatness. Our natural resources.. Labour.. Power and Skill of brains.. Are our most precious assets.. Government and private initiative alike must ensure that none of them stand needlessly idle.

There is shortage of housing despite the governments effort to build houses. We urge the government to speed up the provision of housing and complement it by providing serviced stands and rental housing to close the gap. We cannot claim to be free until all citizens have reasonable accomodation. The vast amount of unused land in private hands should be expropriated and given to the people.

No country can sustain itself without addressing agricultural promotion.. The government need to promote and fund farming initiatives. A prosperious free agriculture demand also the location of light industries in country districts promoting alternative employment and create purchasing power to rural population.

Access to health care and life is a right of every citizen. People cannot be happy unless they are healthy. As civil society we urge the government to implement a social policy which will help conquer disease by prevention as well as cure. Our greatest enemy is HIV/AIDS, TB and Sugar Diebetes. And that no amount of want supersedes life and health care. Though we respect the constitutional right of workers to strike for better wages.. We say health care is an essential service and right to life is non- negotiable.
That the state should embark on a thorough research to see how best they can introduce NHI to benefit all people.. So that those who earn more can fund those who earn less and so that good health care should not only be the preserve of the rich. Health care is a basic right of all residents irrespective of their social status.

That the aged, disabled, and destitute children should get social grants to help in sustainment of normal lives.

That all unemployed able bodied people should get a basic income grant to help them cope with day to day challenges of life. That these above people should be deployed to Agricultural Armies.. Environmental Armies etc. That no person should get a basic income grant doing nothing as we do not want to promote lazziness but must participate in the economy and improvement of society as a whole. South Africa is the most unequal country in the world.. Where Super- Rich and Super- Poor people live side by side. That if there can be redistribution of wealth all South African people can become millionaires over night. That South Africa can be able to give each of its fifty million people one million rands each to start a better life. But because this is practically impossible.. ways and means should be found to make all people to sustain a basic comfortable life style by introducing wealth tax which will help fund the Basic Income Grants.

As a free society we support free and compulsory education and also support private education regulated by the State. Our place in the world depend on character of our people and on minds trained to understand and operate complex technical achievement of the modern world.. We there fore shall not tolerate disruptions to our education.
Roads Rail and Air Transport facilitate easy movement of people and goods from place to place. It should be treated as a public facility with minimal privatisation. That public transport like taxis buses trains etc. Should be subsidised by the state.

We support mixed economy in which strategic industries like electricity.. telecommunication.. and mineral resources below the earth should be mainly controlled by the state with minimal privatisation.

We support the right of society to safety and security and no country can claim to be free unless it secures its borders.. illegal immigrants should be documented those not should be deported so that everyone can be accounted for and crime reduced.. as some get involved in crime knowing quiet well that they will not be caught.

That citizens have a right to communication and information technology. We support free print and electronic media but support minor regulation as all freedoms come with responsibilities. Media is a very powerfull tool if left unchecked it can destroy lives. All reports by media houses should be verified to avoid irresponsible reporting. Media should not be used to settle scores with those we differ with.
As a free society movement we recognise and depend on our government for all services and will participate in all governance structures like Community Policing Forums(CPF), Ward Committees(WC), Community Development Workers(CDW), School Governing Bodies(SGB), PCO’s, Community Development Forums, Demarcation Boards, Hospital and Clinic Boards, IDP’s etc.

We support all efforts to curb global warning that every citizen have a right to clean environment.. that our environment is in great threat of degeneration we therefore support the use of alternative power sources like solar power, hydro power and wind driven water pumping and electricity generation. That greater research and efforts should be done to use our natural non-toxic resources like wind sun and water.

We support the ten principles of the Freedom Charter as adopted in Kliptown on the 26th June 1955 that:
1. The people shall govern;
2. All national groups shall have equal rights;
3. The people shall share in the countrys wealth;
4. The land shall be shared among those who work it; 5. All shall be equal before the law; 6. All shall enjoy equal rights; 7. There shall be work and security; 8. Doors of learning shall be opened; 9. There shall be houses and security;
10. There shall be peace and friendship.

We define ourselves as a Democratic Social Movement.


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