Dear Cde Vavi

The Open Letter

I have been following the past development in your carear with interested sadness. You have been my hero for many years, you have fought for the rights of workers very galantly, you also helped to save Prez Zuma when he was under attack. We ordinary workers looked up to you in everything but now you have deeply dissapointed us by your own stupid carelessness. What went on in your head when you enjoyed that 4 minutes illicccit sexual pleasure with your surbodinate employee who is young enough to be your daughter? Have you not learnet in your time in the labour union that many a great leaders have falled from grace through sex. Have you never read the bible about Adam and Samson who were brought to their knees by women?

In all the years you have been a leader of Cosatu you were the hope of many workers who were disenfranchised…why…why did you allow lust to be your fall factor. I do not say you have fallen, but even if you can come back you will never be as strong as you were in the eyes of ordinary workers. You saw what nearly happened to Prez Zuma when that child threw herself to him. Why then did you fail to be cautious?

I do not hate you but you have been your own worst enemy. It is admirable that you accepted your wrong doing, but the damage have already been done.
Hang in there dear Cde I know that you can will survive this but not without any dent in your personality.

Enjoy your little holiday and come back stronger than ever before. You will go down in history as the best embidiment of the worker’s struggles.


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