Road to Mangaung

It is that time of the year (Which is once in 5 years) when there is interest in the going ons in the ANC as the ruling party of RSA. The majority party is going to its elective conference which is held every five years. Someone will ask; “why so much interes?” We are all interested because whoever is elected to lead the ANC shall be RSA’s president.

Does the current incumbent Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma has any chance to succeed against the vultures who call themselves Economic Freedom Fighters (ECF)? When you look at it with a sober mind, it is clear he will survive because he is a survivor. The previous record is a proof of that. He came out a winner when he was practically out, so nothing can stop him when he is inside. The guy is charming and really a survivor. Already president Zuma is supported by six provinces while two are against and one GP is torn right in the middle. On top of that is the ANCWL and MVA (Military Veterans Association). His province KZN has the largest number of voting candidates representation.

The YL think of its self as king makers, lets see whether they will be in Mangaung. It is unlike Polokwane where all the Leagues and the alliance were against Mbeki. Zuma still has a lot of support and women love him as he shows the qualities of being a good husband and father to his children and the nation. Motlante is a divocee who is afraid to go down the isle again an women don’t trust such men. They are perceived to be afraid of responsibility. He can only survive when he is not pitted agains JZ, UMNUMZANE WOMUZI. KM is also clever, he won’t allow himself to be used by the YL and scupper all chances to be a DP and finaly the president in 2018. He will decline the nomination because if he can stand against JZ and lose kuzobe kuphelile ngaye, luckily he warmed presidency for JZ so he is covered. He will stay on in the ANC NEC and also earn his lump pension.

Only few days left to Mangaung and my personal opinion is that JZ will come back a victor and he will lead Mzansi for the next five years.


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