RSA Population

The Mzansi Population: Posted by Stanley Mbatha.

The 2010 Unofficial Population Estimate of South Africa. By Stanley Mondle Mbatha.

1.NGUNI: 22,4million i.e
a. Zulu 11m
b. Xhosa 08m
c. Swazi 1,8m
d. Ndebele 1,6m

2. SOTHO: 11,4million i.e
a. BaSotho 4m
b. BaTswana 3,6m
c. Pedi 3,8m

3. SHAVENDA: 3,4million i.e
a. Tsonga 2,0m
b. Venda 1,4m

4. SAXONS 9million i.e
a. English: 5m
b. Afrikaans 4m

5. Others: 3million

6. Total RSA Population is 49,2million
The Khoisan group has assimilated to the Coloured (mixed) race and speak Afrikaans language, those who still understand the indigneous languages are less than one percent (1%), in reality, they are in the brink of extiction.
In ‘OTHERS’ We include people of Asian,African and European origion who their home languages is neither English nor Afrikaans but use English as a communication tool in RSA.
NGUNI Languages are spoken or understood by 88% of the Population, SOTHO by about 50%, ENGLISH by about 65%, Afrikaans 35%, Tsonga 3% and Venda 1.5% of the Population.
There are only four major languages in South Africa, that is Nguni, English, Sotho and Afrikaans.
There are other groups like Amazizi, Amahlubi and Amangwane. They speak isiZulu or Xhosa which are Nguni languages, but they dont feel comfortable being called Nguni as they think they are Imbo. Here we classify them as Nguni because they speak Nguni languages.
South Africa is a rich and vibrant country united in diversity… And is home to the world’s best known former prisoner, and world icon Tata Nelson Mandela a! Madiba. Mzansi people’s liberator.
Written by Stanley Mbatha


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