South Africa

South Africa: Post by Stanley Mbatha

South Africa covers an Area of about 1,2 million square kilometres, has a population of 48million+, has a coastline of about 3000km has 4 major languages ie. Nguni, Sotho, English and Afrikaans. It has 9 Provinces ie.
1.Eastern Cape, Capital: Bisho, Area: 169,966km2 Population:7million
2. Free State, Capital: Bloemfontein,Area 129,825km2 Populatio: 3million
3. Kwazulu-Natal, Capital: Pietermaritzburg, Area: 94,361km2 Population: 10million
4. Gauteng, Capital: Johannesburg,Area: 16,548km2, Population: 10million
5. Limpopo, Capital: Polokwane, Area: 125,755km2, Population: 5,5million
6. Mpumalanga, Capital: Nelspruit, Area: 79,495km2 Population: 4million
7. North West, Capital: Mafikeng, Area: 106,512km2 Population: 3,5million
8. Nothern Cape, Capital: Kimberley, Area: 361,830km2, Population: 1.09million
9. Western Cape, Capital: Cape Town, Area: 129,462km2, Population: 5million
Over and above the current population South Africa is a magnet for the other African, Asian and European people as it has a lot to offer. Stanley Mbatha +27725178242 ZA


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