Jacob Zuma

My President (posted by Stanley Mbatha) Open and read to get the abridged biography of Africa,s richest country,s President. Who beat all odds to accend the highest seat in the land. The prophets of doom must swallow their pride and the so-called anylists were proved wrong. Now is the time to salute this great son of the African soil.

President Zuma Timeline

12 April 1942: Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is born. 1959: He joins the ANC.
1962: Joins Mkhonto Wesizwe.
1963: Arrested and sentenced to 10yrs in Robben Island. 1973: Released from prison.
1973-1975: Mobilising underground structures of the ANC.
1975: Went to exile first to Swaziland, then Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. 1977: Elected as ANC NEC member.
1980: Serve in ANC military Council and Intelligence.
1990: Returns to South Africa after the unbanning of the ANC.
1990: Part of the negotiation team with the apartheid regime.
1991: Elected Chairperson of ANC KZN branch.
1991: Elected Deputy Secretary of the ANC. 1994: Nominated KZN Premier candidate.
1994: Become KZN MEC for Economic Affairs(IFP won KZN) 1994: Elected ANC National Chairperson. 1996: Re-elected ANC KZN Chairperson. 1997: Elected ANC Deputy President.
1999: Appointed as RSA Deputy President.
2000: Lead Moral Regeneration and Peace Broker in Africa.
2005: Dismissed as RSA Dep President after Schabir Shaik conviction.
2005: Charged with fraud and corruption. 12.2005: Charged with rape.
04.2006: Acquited of rape charges. 09.2007: Corruption case collapses.
12.2007: Elected ANC President in Polokwane. 12.2007: Recharged with corruption.
09.2008: Judge Nicholson dismiss the case citing conspiracy. 01.2009: NPA wins appeal.
06.04.2009: NPA drops charges citing conspiracy. 22.04.2009: ANC wins elections (67%)
06.05.2009: MP,s elect Zuma as RSA President. 09.05.2009: Sworn in as RSA President.
14.09.2009: Official launch of the presidential hotline.
This is the long walk to the Presidency of Jacob Zuma, the Leader of the richest country in Africa.
(prepared and written by Stanley Mondle Mbatha)[extracted from public sources]


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